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We only record statistical data about a user when said user visits our website. In a statistical summary we only learn which browser was used, which page or file was accessed and from which website the user was directed to our website. It is not possible for us to determine the individual user and we do not, in particular, obtain the IP addresses of users to our website. The creation of personal user profiles is neither possible for us, nor is it in our interest. Handling of your data when collecting, processing and using your data we strive at all times to implement the legal regulations as regards to data protection. Each data processing act is therefore checked by our data protection representative before it is used for the first time. All personnel working for us are obligated to maintaining data secrecy and are regularly trained in the correct handling of personal data.
Involving third party services
In as far as we contract service providers with carrying out work for our company these are contractually obligated to adhere to our data protection standards. Compliance with our instructions is checked randomly at irregular intervals by our data protection representative. Naturally, especially the regulations contained in § 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act (the commissioned collection, processing or use of personal data) shall be adhered to and implemented. 
When you provide us with your personal data we shall not use these as a matter of principle to contact you for the purpose of advertising. Only when you have given your express consent for us to use your address for advertising purposes, shall we inform you about new attractive offers. If you have given your consent for such a use, but do not wish to receive any advertising from our company in the future, you will be able to revoke your consent at any time. To do so simply call +49 30 6831 22225 or send an email to that effect to this e-mail. Your revocation shall immediately be noted in our data base and from that moment onward no more advertising shall be sent to you. 
If you are interested you will receive a free-of-charge newsletter from us via email, in which we will inform you about the latest news from Estrel Berlin. In order to subscribe to this newsletter, please enter your email address on our newsletter page. We shall then send an email containing a link to the address that you have provided; by clicking this link you are confirming the correctness of your email address and are confirming your request to receive the newsletter. You will have the chance to cancel this newsletter subscription at any time. To do so please use the form on the newsletter page, or call our team on +49 30 6831 22225. Of course you can also just send an email to this effect to this e-mail. As from the next issue you will then no longer receive any more newsletters in your email inbox. Passing on data Personal data that you have provided to us shall not be passed on to other organisations by us. You therefore do not have to worry about any other company obtaining information, such as your address or email address in order to send you advertising material. In exceptional circumstances we may be obligated due to legal regulations or court orders to pass on personal data to government agencies. In such an event you can rest assured that we have checked the legitimacy of the disclosure. Information about data stored. We shall be happy to provide you with information about the personal data that we hold on you at any time. Just send us a short note to request information to the address stated below. You will then receive a written notification as soon as possible which will be sent to the postal address that we hold for you.
Correction of data
Almost everything in life changes at some point or other. Should you discover that the personal data that we hold on you is no longer up-to-date or correct, we would be pleased if you could kindly let us know. To do so please call our customer hotline on +49 30 6831 22225 or send an email to that effect to this e-mail
Suggestions for improvement, complaints
We are continuously striving to improve our service to the benefit of our customers. Should you have any suggestions for improvement with regard to our data protection or should you wish to complain, kindly contact our data protection representative. He/she will be happy to handle your concerns and suggestions for improvement in the strictest of confidence. Simply send an email, fax or letter to:
Estrel Berlin
Data Protection Officer
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