Estrel Festival Center Berlin

The Estrel Festival Center - a cleverly converted former factory hall, and directly connected to the Estrel Hotel and the Estrel Congress Center Berlin. Since its opening in 1997 the Festival Center has presented the hit Las Vegas live show "Stars in Concert" as well as thirteen other show specials! The Festival Center can accommodate up to 700 spectators at round four-seater tables, and throughout the show various tasty snacks and drinks are available to order. For more than 250,000 euros the concert stage was extensively modernized in August 2015 and thus achieved a standard equivalent to the problem requirements of international superstars. The stage and lighting design was just like the projection and sound equipment perfected. The direct connection of the Estrel Festival Center to the Estrel Hotel, Germany's largest hotel, and the multifunctional Estrel Congress Center is an ideal combination for exclusive events, social events, accommodation and culinary packages.

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